Assalamualaikum semua,

Alhamdulillah saya diberi peluang sekali lagi untuk menjadi Team Leader dan membimbing peserta bagi kawasan ” SENDAYAN – S2 HEIGHTS ” bagi program JK1M musim 10 ini.

Sedikit pengenalan tentang saya:

  • nominated as “Top 5 NEW TEAM LEADER” bagi musim lepas, semasa JK1M musim 9 =)
  • “Certified Instructor” dari Fit-malaysia
    “Certified Metafit Instructor” by Metafit Asia/UK/Australia.
  • Fitness coach untuk program fitness berkumpulan (Warriors Fitcamp S2) di S2 Heights, Seremban 2.
  • Full Marathon (42km) runner dengan 11 Full Marathon telah disertai setakat ini (Bali, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur & etc)
  • Ironman 70.3 Langkawi finisher ( 1.9 km swim – 90km bike – 21 km run).

Secara profession nya, saya merupakan seorang “pharmacist” dan latar belakang kerjaya saya juga terlibat secara langsung dalam membantu dan memberi KAUNSELING TENTANG PEMAKANAN SIHAT, KAUNSELING UBAT-UBATAN & SENAMAN kepada macam-macam jenis pesakit/clients.

Sepanjang penglibatan saya di musim pertama program Jom Kurus (JK1M9), ramai yang telah berjaya menurunkan berat badan (LOSE WEIGHT), turunkan lemak badan (LOSE FAT/LOSE INCHES ) secara sihat, lihat photo di profile saya.  Saya akan guide bagaimana anda boleh continue makan NASI (dan carbohidrat seangkatan dengannya) tetapi masih boleh menurunkan berat badan sekurang-kurangnya 2-3kgs!

Ramai yang dah berjaya dan ada yang mampu turun sehingga 5 – 13 kg dalam masa 6 minggu dengan saya. semua nya dilakukan tanpa perlu BERLAPAR!

saya akan guide anda untuk EAT RIGHT, bukan EAT LESS,

dan ditambah dengan program fitness HIIT/Functional training/Metafit / Fitcamp, anda akan lihat hasilnya sendiri!

Ingin tahu lebih lanjut tentang program yang telah saya sediakan untuk anda sepanjang 6 minggu nanti ?

anda boleh whatsapp saya —–> 012 273 9454


daftar terus untuk program Jom Kurus 1 Malaysia (JK1M) musim 10:

pilih kawasan —–> SENDAYAN – S2 HEIGHTS

p/s : jangan salahkan saya jika anda turun berat dan boleh muat semula baju lama-lama yang dah lama sempit tu 🙂

Q Di manakah lokasi JK1M musim 9 bagi kawasan Sendayan -S2 Heights akan diadakan?

Seremban 2 / S2 Heights (Summer)

google map location ----->

Q Bila dan bagaimana kekerapan program JK1M9 Sendayan - S2 Heights diadakan?

sekurang-kurang nya 2 kali seminggu ( 1 hari bekerja / 1 hujung minggu).

Q Adakah program JK1M10 (sendayan - S2 Heights) ini sesuai untuk wanita? untuk yang pertama kali bersenam? boleh ke bawa anak-anak kecil?

Ya. program JK1M musim 10 (Sendayan - S2 Heights) sesuai untuk semua peringkat UMUR, JANTINA dan semua tahap Kecergasan.

kalau boleh, hadir lah seorang diri supaya tuan puan dapat bersukan dan bersenam dengan lebih fokus. jika mahu bawa anak kecil, boleh juga, tetapi minta jasa baik tuan puan untuk memastikan akan ada orang lain yang menjaga mereka dan tidak mengganggu peserta lain =)

Q boleh tak share apa AKTIVITI ATAU PROGRAM yang akan anda lakukan jika anda join team saya?

Boleh. saya telah nyatakan di ruangan kanan profile ini. Aktiviti/program yang dirancang telah disusun mengikut minggu. sekiranya ada perubahan, akan dimaklumkan semasa program berlangsung nanti. secara ringkasnya semua peserta yang join team saya akan hadir :

sesi fitcamp di S2 Heights pada weekday ( 8.40PM - 9.40PM)

1 sesi di hujung minggu (sabtu atau ahad) yang telah dirancang seperti hiking/ cardio kickboxing/trekking/running clinic & etc.

sekiranya mahu lebih info, boleh "follow"instagram account saya untuk maklumat terkini .

-------> Instagram : @syafiqchapx

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5/ 5

I signed up for JK1M9 the very last day of registration after few days of thinking. The reason i was a bit reluctant to register earlier because i just signed up for a membership at a local gym and i don’t want to spend anymore money. I had no ideas what to expect. But then i thought “hey what the heck just give it a try. After all it’ll be only a 6 week programme. Lets see what 6 weeks can do to me”. Looking back at the pictures of me before JK1M9, never have i imagined I could turn up very huge. People around me always told me that i have the height and i was born big boned so i’m not really that fat. And i believed that for so many years. And today, i’m really thankful and glad that I made the decision to be part of JK1M family, especially under Coach Syafiq’ supervision. He trained not only physically, but also changed us mentally. The thing that I believed I cannot do (like plank) is now one of my favourite exercises. He corrected each and everyone’s form making sure we do it correctly and hit the targeted muscle. His wide knowledge and experience in fitness have helped us through out this journey. Always provide us with information be it in physical activities, meal plan as well as medication (he’s a pharmacist by profession). The way he coached us was very encouraging and pushed us to our maximum capabilities. I’ve found the experience to be in Coach Syafiq’s team was nothing but rewarding and fun. He is always enthusiastic. What I really love about the sessions with Coach Syafiq was that no two workouts were the same. You never know what he is going to throw at you each session. I am now in the best shape of my life. I am leaner and fitter than I was few years back and I can do things that I didn’t think I could ever achieve. Even I don’t have any sessions with him for a month now, but the knowledge that he shared was very helpful to keep me on track with my fitness journey. I’ve never imagined I could run a 10km non stop! Thanks to his sharing on the right techniques of running and breathing. Training with Coach Syafiq is simply the best investment I have ever made and I’ve nothing to regret

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Superb, Excellent, Supreme

5/ 5

Reminder: This is a very long review :p My first intention to join JK1M was because I saw an ads on Instagram regarding Ohlimpik Volleyball. Being a volleyball junkie, I can’t resist the temptation to join the competition. So I searched on the web the coaches near me and Coach Syafiq’s name popped up. I tried few different keywords but still, only his name popped up. As a result, I left him my details on the web and a few days later he personally whatsapped me and explain what will be my journey in near future. Little did I know, it will change my life 360 degrees. It took me a few days for me to convince myself to sign up for JK1M9, and the question that bothered me the most was “Can I cope with the program? What if I give up? It will be a waste of money if I give up and can’t cope”. Yup, it was me before the programme, being too negative and always make conclusion before I even started. And I was thinking with the amount that I need to pay, I can buy lots and lots of junkies rather than spend them on this program. So, one night, I was thinking “YOLO!” and made the payment. By that time I don’t even care what will happened, I just want to see how is the first day is going to be and I’ll decide from there. As expected, the first day was filled up with super awkwardness, and I feel small (eventhough I am not that small that day) since I have nobody that I know. Plus we were briefed about the plan for 6 weeks and for me it was really intense! But thinking that I have paid few hundred dollars I need to prove myself and I must achieve something at least it will worth every penny I spent. Coach Syafiq is one of a kind, trust me! He blends with everyone well, online and offline. He can be humorous, yet very flexible. I have been under his supervision since September 2017 until today, never once he got mad or yelled at any one of us. If anything is wrong he will directly go to you or personally text and correct on what you’re doing wrong. His style of coaching is not like military style but very encouraging. His famous word “Faster! Faster” will haunt your mind forever! hahaha… He will ensure you are fitter by the end of the programme but it all also depends on your willing whether you want to change or not. In a nutshell, it is great and I am really thankful that I was exposed to this programme under the supervision of Coach Syafiq. Its more than lose weight or fitcamps, but its all about the journey, the family, the bonding between the participants etc. I myself did not feel like competing until the finale weigh in day came. Only then I was nervous but not because of winning but because we haven’t weighed since the second week! And it was a surprise to see the numbers on the scale and I was extremely happy for myself and for the earth! To those who never thought of losing weight, remember.. It is not impossible.. I was once have a thought of living as a fat guy for my entire life. Who knows that one day I met my JK1M9 fellas and lose weight together. But it all will be back to you, whether you want to change or not, and how well you can resist the temptations. Self discipline and self willingness is the main factor and it plays important roles together with the support of Coach and teammates. Its in your head.. You can do this! If and only if I can rate more than 5 stars, I will give 10 out of 5! =) Fir – 86.2kg now 68.7kg (to date)

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1 Reviews

awesome team leader,

5/ 5

my first coach.. very friendly and supportive.. but coach will extremely trains till u burned out all your fats 🔥🔥🔥..

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  • Sesuai Untuk BMI >40?:Yes
  • Sesuai untuk bekas peserta?:Yes
  • Sesuai untuk umur 50+?:No
  • Sesuai untuk beginners?:Yes
  • Sesuai untuk kanak2?:No
  • Aktiviti Minggu 4:INTENSE HIIT ZUMBA
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  • Aktiviti Minggu 2:FUN FITCAMP GAMES
  • Activity Minggu 1: RUNNING CLINIC / CARDIO SESSION (learn the basic of proper running technique, from ZERO TO HERO)
  • Aktiviti Minggu 5:HIKING / TREKKING SESSION (Mt angsi/berembun/batu puteh/to be confirmed)
  • Aktiviti Minggu 3:INTRO TO FITNESS CENTRE 101 (learn the basic of gym workout/equipment)
  • Aktiviti Minggu 6:Metafit™ HIIT WORKOUT / FINAL WEIGH IN